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Winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award    #1 Amazon Kindle Best Seller

Blue Skies Buddha - The Award Winning Biography by Liz Lewinson

Winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award in the Spiritual Catageory and a finalist in two categories (Biography and Spiritual: General) of the prestigious US Book News’ Best Books of 2015 Awards. This acclaimed biography of the early teaching years of Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950 – 1998) highlights the new age spiritual renaissance of the 1970s and 80s and the founding of an original, deep-rooted movement of American Buddhism. Readers take part in a free-spirited adventure as they witness a wild, sports jock teenager transform into an iconoclastic, innovative spiritual teacher.

For Frederick Lenz, boundary breaking was de rigueur as witnessed and reported by the 100+ students and colleagues interviewed by author Liz Lewinson. Meditation, the empowerment of women, and Buddhist wisdom form the core of Dr. Lenz’s teachings, which he shared and honed with boundless enthusiasm. He encountered opposition, of course, but he kept his priorities straight. When he visited Nepal at age 19, he encountered an aged monk who informed him he was a lineage bearer. He was to revive and re-establish an ancient school of enlightenment. He was to find his many past life students and help them achieve joyous enlightenment in this life or at least set them securely on the path. He was to do this in the West, using Western means.

In the East, centuries-old traditions maintain meditative pathways to enlightenment. In the West, facing a blank canvas, Dr. Lenz found new ways to build mental/meditative prowess through careers such as computer science, visits to American “places of power,” knowledge about real gender equilibrium (not monastic), movies, music, and dance. He taught these skills to American students and observed their success. Whether you are one of Rama’s past life students (or not!), reading this fast-paced biography will bring you new realizations and freedom, and introduce you to the tenets of American Buddhism.

“This fascinating biography captures the wisdom of a genuine, compelling teacher who combined absolute miracles with humor, fun, and adventure. When you read this fast-paced book, you feel you are there, learning and transforming. This is an original and exciting read.” -- Lynn Andrews, author of The Medicine Woman Series

“I was fascinated, moved, and inspired by this clear and compelling biography of Rama.” – Margaret Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science

“This book presents an honest look into one of the most intriguing and controversial spiritual movements of the 80’s and 90's. Rama was a very unconventional teacher and his teaching often caused people to rethink their basic assumptions on spirituality. In a way, he reminded me of my other idols of our age - Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs. They were all not only filled with crazy passions about their lives, but were so unconventional in their approaches that they caused major disruptions in traditional values. They were people who believed in themselves, walked their own paths and did not compromise.” ---Francis Wang

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Books by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Surfing the Himalayas

Charged with energy, humor and insight, Surfing the Himalayas is the fast-paced story of a young American snowboarder who travels to the Himalayas seeking the ultimate high.  While there he surfs into an experience more transcendent than he could have ever imagined.

In an accident of karmic fate, the young man plows into Master Fwap, a Buddhist monk who becomes his teacher of snowboarding and enlightenment. Using snowboarding as a path to enlightenment, the wise and gentle Master shows the teenage snowboarder how, by freeing his mind and spirit, he can master any mountain and himself.

"This account of my Himalayan adventures is based on a series of experiences that occurred to me some time ago in Nepal. I have taken the liberty of transforming these accounts, even though they are based upon real life experiences, into a work of fiction. I hope that the internal and external experiences presented in the following pages both entertain and enlighten you."

-- Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

"The truest of snowboarders will find spiritual stimulation. READ THIS BOOK! You will live the experience."

-- Chuck Barfoot Snowboarding pioneer
Owner, Barfoot Designs

"Whether you've experienced the sensation of extreme snowboarding or not, Dr. Lenz has created a metaphor that helps describe the soul of snowboarding through Tantric mysticism and conversely, mysticism through snowboarding. When you read it, you'll get it."

-- Chris Sanders, Snowboarding pioneer
Former President, Avalanche Snowboards Inc.

"Dr. Lenz's Book Surfing the Himalayas renewed and refreshed my love for the purity of life in the mountains. It's the 'Inner game of Skiing' meets 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.' Insightful and FUN! Had I had an instructor like Master Fwap I certainly would have won even more World Cups!"

-- Julie Parisien, Former World Cup-Olympic Skier

Snowboarding to Nirvana

The continuation of the national phenomena, Surfing the Himalayas, takes the crack American snowboarder down the mountain again, this time around with greater spiritual enlightenment he gains through experience (the greatest teacher of all).

As our snowboarder continues his lessons of enlightenment with Master Fwap, he also encounters earthly love in the form of a beautiful and wise Danish woman. A paradox ensues and a mystery is set forth, the secret of “the missing dimension.” The secret must be understood and solved before our snowboarder can comprehend the next levels of Buddhist lessons. Along the way, a wise, mysterious oracle of Nepal introduces our hero to Tibetan tantric texts that become crucial in solving this riddle.

Snowboarding once again becomes the metaphor for maneuvering one’s self through the trials and tribulations of real life. By learning to concentrate, meditate, and understand, the sport of life can be easily mastered.

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About Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Dr. Frederick Lenz, known as "Rama" to his students and the general public, began teaching Buddhist meditation in his early twenties. Throughout his life, his goal was to transmit the essence of Buddhism so that Western practitioners could achieve the highest state of Buddhist realization - enlightenment.

Frederick Lenz was an author, teacher of meditation and spirituality, a black belt in martial arts, music producer, and active participant in several advanced technology companies. A Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude graduate of the University of Connecticut, he received a Ph.D. in English literature from the State University of Stony Brook. He lived in California and New York.

For more information, please visit the Frederick Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism site.

The Lakshmi Series

The Lakshmi Series is set of teachings that comprise a comprehensive foundation for self-discovery. To assist the spiritual progress of his students, Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz created this series, which covers a wide variety of topics including meditation, the four principal Hindu yogas, the Buddhist paramitas of purity and humility, spiritual absorption, nirvana, the subtle physical body, spiritual teachers, dreaming, tantric mysticism, and others.

These teachings reflect Dr. Lenz's wide range of knowledge of spiritual traditions, and while he later began to focus on Buddhist teachings, particularly Zen Buddhism and Tantric Buddhism, he often referred to his early teachings as “the basics which everyone should know.”

Dr. Lenz saw how difficult it was for Westerners to learn meditation and self-discovery in the twenty-first century due to the breadth of knowledge available, and the fact that many, if not all, of the classical textbooks were written hundreds or thousands of years ago in Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, or Tibetan.

In The Lakshmi Series, Dr. Lenz touches upon all these teachings and restructures them, breathing life into the classics while bringing them into the here and now.

“My interest is the essence of these teachings,” he stated, “not so much what's happened with them historically or the books that have been written about them, detailing them, or the descriptions of people who have had experiences in the monasteries or experiences living a more secular life. Rather, my interest is the essence of the teaching – the Way, as it were.” Thus, in The Lakshmi Series, Dr. Lenz brings forth these ancient teachings and aligns them with the modern world to succinctly present their essence – the path of modem self-discovery.

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The Enlightenment Cycle

The Enlightenment Cycle is a set of twelve teachings recorded by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz in 1992. This set is the basic coursework for students of American Buddhism. These teachings, the work of a mature teacher who had experimented with various ways of teachings Westerners, is a summation, a compressing of knowledge that represents an enormous body of information. While each teaching covers many subjects, within each discourse are potent kernels of wisdom that grow upon each reading.

In The Enlightenment Cycle, Rama empowers the reader with the light and energy of Enlightenment itself. With these teachings, the last set of formal talks he recorded, Rama created a new paradigm for teaching Buddhism in the West.

“The Enlightenment Cycle” includes teachings on Meditation, Buddhism, Power, Balance, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Personal Happiness, Reincarnation, Career Success, Miracles, and the Enlightenment Cycle.

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A person you've never met before seems strangely familiar...
You seem to have intense memories -- of a place you've never been... You have an experience you know is new --
but it feels as if it's happened before...

For many people, reincarnation is a reality.

In this stunning and unusual book Dr. Frederick Lenz brings together men and women from all walks of life who vividly and with great conviction describe experiences and relationships from previous... LIFETIMES



Total Relaxation

Total Relaxation provides the most effective program ever devised to overcome stress. Whether you are a businessman who has been told by your doctor that your blood pressure is dangerously high, a working mother who is tense and irritable because your family and career demand more time and energy than you have, or a single person subjected to a host of economic, social and personal pressures, you need a simple and practical method of easing the tension and stress in your life.

Dr. Frederick P. Lenz, one of the foremost experts on stress and relaxation devised a twofold approach to stress control. The slogan of the Total Relaxation Program is: Total Relaxation – you owe it to yourself.



On the Fast Path with Rama

In the tradition of “Notes to Myself,” “On the Fast Path with Rama” is a collection of spiritual insights and enlightening stories about the journey of self-discovery. Written as a personal journal, Shiva (Tony Chester) recounts his early encounters with his teacher Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz. Through a series of interactions along the years, Shiva learns about spirituality, power, transitions, transformation, and ultimately enlightenment. His stories are told with a humorous and bright heart. These stories provide many insights into the life a modern American Mystic and the relationship with his Teacher. The book serves as a beginning for the reader's exploration of his or her own life and as a treasury of thoughtful and insightful adventures.

About Shiva - For more than 35 years, Shiva (Tony Chester) has been teaching meditation, self-discovery, and spirituality. As described by his students, "Shiva is a powerful American Mystic who consciously transmits enlightened energy in his seminars, retreats and pilgrimages, and personal interactions. His approach is eclectic and draws from various religions and philosophies. Shiva intermingles the mysteries of the ancient traditions with out modern lifestyles - often in a humorous way."

“I really enjoyed reading the Fast Path. It was an ‘easy read,’ easy to follow. I was inspired to discover how a ‘real’ person can have extraordinary mystical experiences on a regular basis. I have used this book to strengthen my own meditation practice and will be referring back to it!" --- Elizabeth

“This is an excellent book about meditation, spiritual growth, and beyond… It’s been a long time since a book gave such of joy while reading it. I highly recommend it.” --- Alex

“This book is so bright; you got to wear shades." --- Michael

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Overcoming Addictions

Written from an eye witness perspective, this book contains several insightful and triumphant stories of normal people who have been able to regained control over their life through the practice of meditation.

The book includes all the meditation techniques needed to overcome addictions and compulsions.

Through the practice of meditation, you learn to create new realities and manifest them in your life. This book will give you the tools you need to change your old self and become someone new.


Manifest Success!

Have you ever wondered why people who are raised in the same socio-economic background, with similar education and experiences, end up achieving very different levels of success? Why is it that most of the people in the world live in poor or middle class neighborhoods, and a very small percentage live in wealthy neighborhoods? How did those people that are wealthy get there? They manifested it. How do you anything in life? You manifest it. You decide what it is you want and you make it happen. Your ability to manifest determines success in business, interpersonal relationships, health, and your level of personal satisfaction. Success and failure in other words, are dependent upon your ability to manifest. This book will teach you how figure out what success means to you, how to cultivate it, and achieve success in every aspect of your life.


What is Meditation?

"What is Meditation?" explains the meaning and purpose of meditation, along with easy to follow instructions for daily practice. Meditation is the instrument to transform and shape our mind. Meditation should not be considered a religious subject. Compassion, love, forgiveness, spiritual harmony, sense of brotherhood, all of those things are religious subjects. Meditation is the training of the mind. Meditation makes the mind more alert. Concentrating on one point in meditation helps you to develop your analytical mind. Therefore, more success, determination, self-confidence, and willpower will come into your life.



In Reds, The St. Patrick's Battalion, the author weaves the story of a family that migrates from Ireland to colonize Texas, at the time when American settlers fought to secede from the Mexican Federation to become a nation that ultimately joins the Unites States, event that kindles the war against Mexico.

Carlos H. Cantu offers us in a superb novel, the saga that involves a battalion of soldiers -mostly Irishmen- who fought with the Mexican troops against the American invaders, shedding light on historical myths such as the legend of the Alamo, and on the reasons why Mexico, in losing the war, lost half its territory to the United States.

The Aviators of Xibalba

Xibalbá – the jungle – is a pristine den for animals large and small. From the cockpit of an old Curtiss Robin, its pilot wonders of the beauty and dangers below… Consumed by greed a wealthy German pilot, his lustful wife, a crew of misfit pilots, and a posse of gum-harvesting natives, invade the jungle looking for the treasures therein, but unfailingly stumble onto a collective frenzy that binds them to the roots of its forest, preventing their escape before their time is due. These men are fugitives running away from a conscience that chases them – seeking retribution for their transgressions. They start from points nearby and remote to come to Xibalbá because, once there, they know. Xibalbá offers atonement. They can be absolved of their remorse... their guilt. But to do this, they must journey into the treacherous land of the ancient Mayan jungle, known as Xibalbá.


Books in Spanish

Snow Lizard Suzie

Suzie is Padma's pet lizard and her best friend. They love to play outside together.

But when Padma and her family move to Michigan, the two friends find out that lizards aren't made for the cold. Is Suzie going to have to stay inside her tank ALL winter? Or can Padma find a way to help her best friend? 

This heartwarming story is destined to become a classic tale for children of all ages. Beautifully written and illustrated.  


La Nao de China

La Nao de China: Novela Juvenil de Ciencia Ficcion y Aventura. Synopsis: Será el sereno, pero mientras sigas leyendo historias de piratas y tesoros ocultos, en vez de estudiar para los exámenes, seguirás siendo un chachito, y perendengue, además! La hermosa Selina reprende al fantasioso Mateo por pasarse la vida imaginando que algún día desenterrará el tesoro de algún pirata. Piratas en pleno siglo XXI? Talegas de oro sumergidas en el mar? A Mateo todo le parece posible. Por eso cuando el científico chino Jiang Chi le sugiere que utilizando la tecnología electro-magnética existe la posibilidad de viajar en el tiempo para remontarse a la época de los corsarios, él acepta tal probabilidad y así se inicia en una aventura que ni su calenturienta imaginación habría concebido. Capitanes de la Nao de China, soldados españoles del siglo XVII, el fuerte San Diego de Acapulco recién construido, cofres repletos de oro hundidos en la Bahía de Puerto Marqués, todo lo inimaginable se hace de pronto una realidad que embarca a los jóvenes protagonistas en frenéticas correrías que los enfrentan con mil peligros y temerarias aventuras que mantienen al lector en suspenso hasta la última página de sus emocionantes andanzas.

Anoranzas de Tierra Caliente

El estilo evocador de esta compilación de relatos y cuentos se gestó espontáneamente como la forma narrativa apropiada, y si en algunas crónicas aparento ser el protagonista es porque forman parte de añoranzas similares propias. Recrear éstas me provocó tal placer que mantuvo en mis labios una sonrisa asidua durante el tiempo que trabajé en ellas. Sólo deseo que, en quien las lea con anhelo de revivir en su memoria el México de aquellos tiempos, estimule el mismo efecto. Que engendre y promueva en los espíritus el antojo de recrear ese México que gocé viviéndolo en mis años de niñez y juventud. Este libro puede leerse como venga en gana: de principio a fin, o bien saltando de un texto a otro. Si algún tema atrae de manera especial, como Aventuras o Relaciones Familiares, léase primero, y regrese a estas páginas con la frecuencia con que se visita a un fiel amigo, ya que en ellas se encontrará lo mismo que brinda una buena amistad: solaz y esparcimiento. Y, como dice mi compadre Menecio, deseándote lo más mejor, hermano lector, espero que estos relatos te complazcan tanto como a mí me satisfizo escribirlos para tí, que conociste este México y lo añoras, pero principalmente para que lo conozcas y lo entrañes tú, que no tuviste el privilegio de gozarlo.

La Fuerza Aera de Pancho Villa - Los Halcones Dorados

Valentía, heroicidad y audacia, convierten esta narración en una novela capaz de satisfacer plenamente a los amantes de la acción y aventura. Estas cualidades conducen a Los Demonios Voladores a la Primera Guerra Mundial, los unen para integrar un Circo Aéreo y, finalmente, a volar como mercenarios para Pancho Villa. Encontrando su causa noble, convierten cinco aviones obsoletos en aeronaves capaces de realizar memorables hazañas. Implacable, la muerte se lleva a cinco de ellos, y sólo sobrevive Frank, para disputarle honor y gloria a Antonio, un aviador mexicano, y el amor de la hermosa Florentina. La pugna romántica no se resuelve hasta la última página del libro que, además, traza un vigoroso y veraz retrato del legendario Pancho Villa. 

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